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Host of America, Can We Talk?
Summit Founder & Moderator

Gordan Chang

China Expert, Columnist & Author, The Great U.S. - China Tech War

Chair of Arizona State GOP & former state senator

Dr. Robin Armstrong

Internal Medicine Physician
America's Frontline Doctors

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier

Former Space Force Commander & Author, Irresistible Revolution

Victor Avila

Former ICE Special Agent & Author: Agent Under Fire

UK-based Broadcaster, Author & Colunist at

Frank Gaffney

Founder, Center for Security Policy & Committee on Present Danger: China

Seth Keshel

Former Military Captain & Intel Officer Election Data Analytics

Xi Van Fleet

CRT Critic, Chinese Cultural Revolution Survivor, American Mom

Prof. David Celements

Host, The Professor's Record & Reawaken American Tour speaker

Tina Ramirez

Congressional Candidate, Activist against CRT in Virginia Schools

Jessica Vaughan

Director of Policy Studies: Center for Immigration Studies

Dr. Douglas Frank

Physicist, Programmer, Mathematician Election Data Analyst

Dr. Alveda King

Founder: Speaker for Life Civil Rights activist